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Your Questions About Industrial Gases Answered

Common industrial gases include nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen and nitrous oxide. In particular, oxygen is essential in the industrial process because it supports combustion reactions and provides oxidizing power. Nitrogen delivers inert gas for welding and cutting. Argon reduces oxidation and prevents contamination.  

At Terry Supply Company, we know industrial gases are typically found in these forms:  

  • Compressed – Stored in cylinders and includes oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and helium 
  • Liquified – Examples are acetylene, propane and propylene, which are contained in tanks 
  • Cryogenic – Stored and transported in liquid form, like nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide  

Industrial gases are an important part of industrial production. The most common is oxygen, which is used in processes like welding and combustion. Aside from oxygen, typical industrial gases include nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and helium. As an experienced gases supplier, Terry Supply Company has intimate knowledge of these products.  

Industrial gases are specifically produced for various businesses, and are divided into these categories:  

  • Medical gases – For healthcare purposes, like medicinal air and medication delivery 
  • Specialty gases – For manufacturing of industrial products 
  • Fuel gases – For cutting, welding and other industrial processes 
  • Refrigerant gases – For refrigerators, freezers and other systems

Oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) and typically found in medical and industrial settings. Among industrial gases suppliers, Terry Supply Company has over 70 years of experience serving the needs of not only our healthcare industry but a variety of businesses in the Tampa Bay Region

Industrial gases are essential for manufacturing processes, food service, healthcare and more. “Industrial gases” include commonly produced gases – hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, oxygen and acetylene. At Terry Supply Company, we not only offer high-quality gases but the equipment and support you need to operate your business.  

Industrial gases are used for a variety of businesses, including oil and gas production, chemical processing, steel production, metal fabrication, manufacturing operations and food service, which uses products such as beverage CO2. Industrial gases suppliers, Terry Supply Company, assist these industries with the products, equipment and service needed for success 

Across a wide range of business sectors, there are many types of industrial gases used including:  

  • Oxygen 
  • Nitrogen 
  • Argon 
  • Carbon dioxide 
  • Hydrogen 

 With over 70 years of experience as an industrial gas supplier, Terry Supply Company can answer any questions you may have about the types of gases listed above.  

Large-scale industrial gas production requires reliable and experienced industrial gases suppliers, who deliver the highest quality products to a wide variety of businesses. And, because of this need, Terry Supply Company is always ready to supply equipment, gases and support for our clients, ensuring their operations continue safely and smoothly 

Industrial gases suppliers, like Terry Supply Company, offer various forms of gases for industrial, commercial and medical purposes. Specialists have invaluable expertise on industrial gases, and suppliers provide ranges of products and tailored solutions for clients. For example, we offer cylinder rental and sales, safety equipment, 24/7 service and more.  

The industrial gas industry, which includes industrial gases suppliers like Terry Supply Company, plays an essential role in the global economy by providing gases for industrial, commercial and medical applications. These gases are used in everything from cooling to chemical synthesis, welding to medicinal air.

Industrial gases are used for a variety of industrial purposes, including steelmaking, automotive manufacturing, construction, equipment fabrication and maintenance, welding and cutting, healthcare, food and beverage services and more. Gases are typically provided by suppliers, like Terry Supply Company, which has extensive knowledge on how to safely implement these products.  

Serving Naples to Tampa, Terry Supply Company is the gases supplier near you that offers a range of gases and tailored solutions. We’re not only a trusted company that is easy to work with, but our specialists are proud to provide gases of the highest quality and purity for clients.  

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